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Gigi's Story

A Miraculous Healing Journey

Gigi draws on decades of experience in healing, following a major 'life after death' event. As part of her rehabilitation and recovery, she began learning, practicing and teaching in many healing arts including Yoga; Meditation; Rebirthing Breathwork; Quantum Dynamics; Reiki; Body Harmony; Women's Healing groups; Spiritual Celebrancy; Merkaba Meditation and Alchemy of the Soul.

As humanity's knowledge of healing evolved into the new millennium, she was drawn to spend 10 years with ISPS and the Peak States Therapy paradigm participating in research work, while qualifying as a Peak States therapist and using Whole Hearted Healing, focused regression and EFT to heal all types of trauma. There she gained a deep understanding of Sub-cellular Psychobiology and the power of intentional healing, through an understanding of the extended developmental events and Primary Cell models.

Overcoming Death

When only 19 years old, Gigi experienced the life changing trauma of a fatal collision, where she literally died at the scene of an accident. However, in the ambulance Gigi agreed to return to her body and commit to an intense life journey into healing mastery. Due to some of the severe injuries sustained, Doctors said she would never be able to have children, but Gigi defied all odds to consciously conceive, carry, naturally birth and raise two healthy sons.

She became determined to learn how to live a life free from the limiting medical prognosis given to her following the accident. After 10 surgeries to save life and limb and several years unable to walk, a committed recovery quest guided her on a healing path through many different teachings and life experiences, to eventually find some of the best healing methods available on the planet. 

Sharing the Grace

In her sessions Gigi helps people to find their own inner clarity and healing. She holds the safe space needed for clients to come to peace with diverse issues. Her extensive knowledge base flows authentically from personal experience of overcoming great physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenge and from many years integrating the practical application of self-healing methods. 

"I love empowering others to achieve greater wellness and spiritual awareness. I combine a diverse range of skills, gathered during 40 years of experience in healing, personal development and spiritual growth" Gigi

Spiritual Teachings

A deep connection with her Divine Spiritual Masters Babaji and Ammachi, eventually led Gigi to her teachers of the Krystic Energy System (KES) in 2020. Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji have incarnated on earth as a liberated Twinray couple, which is the holiest form of spiritual partnership involving living purely in service to the divine, for the upliftment of humanity. The Twinrays have been entrusted with the spiritual dispensation to help prepare humanity for the new Golden Age on Earth.

Gigi is a level 3 KES Leader of the Light with the Twinrays and offers Krystic Energy Wholing Sessions, where her diverse skills combine beautifully in direct and remote transmissions. She loves to support all souls who wish to clear away the past and embody more of their Divine Self on Earth.

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Gigi and XenPod 2015-2022

A Godsend for Lymph Self-Care

Severe crush injuries to the body can result in a permanent disease called Secondary Traumatic Lymphedema. Gigi has lived with this condition for 40+ years and has also been through all the painful complications that it can bring. As a result she has become a master in self-care and at-home lymphedema management. 

Beginning with Crisis

Lying in bed alone one day in 2014 with dangerously acute cellulitis, was the beginning of Gigi's relationship with the XenPod. Despite knowing nothing about lymphacising at the time, while lying there delirious with pain her intuition kept repeating to her: "Get a lymphaciser to save your leg..."

Gigi soon found and bought one of the original models and was quite impressed with the results. However, a while later she met Ian Pettitt online and learnt of the amazing improvements he'd made to the older model, with his refined XenPod. Then and there she said to Ian: "If this XenPod is as good as you say it is, I want one!" 

A Life Changing Machine

Gigi soon had the two models side by side on her lounge-room floor to use and compare and the XenPod was clearly light years ahead in its performance, feel, energy and healing effects. The body truly never lies!

She's used the XenPod Lymphaciser ever since - and the cellulitis has never returned. Her health gradually improved and the daily management of her lymphedema and injuries became so much easier. 

The power of this simple machine to gently transform a life of suffering was truly miraculous. So much so, that Gigi has given seven years of her time and focus in selfless service, to ensure that the XenPod remains available for others who need it. 

But 'Reinventing the wheel' was no easy task! So why on earth do that you might ask? Because back in 2015, extinction was immanent for the XenPod when manufacturing was to cease. It was also threatened by someone extremely ignorant of divine laws, who has self-servingly attempted to cause the XenPod to disappear from this world: so that you and others would not have access to it's many blessings today.  Much gratitude flows continually for all the many miracles that have disallowed this lowly timeline.

This Work is a Sacred Commission

As it turns out, divine providence will never allow the XenPod to die. People come from all directions to assist it at every turn... and so the XenPod is still alive and well today. In fact it's never been better. So is Gigi, but now it's time for her to attend to her next spiritual service mission.

So XenPod is awaiting the next soul to help bring it to the world. Someone knowledgeable and active in lymphatic healthcare services, who is ready and able to take on distribution for Australia and potentially the world: so that the special XenPod healing continues to be accessible for many more people. 

The right person will definitely be feeling called to this sacred mission: just like Gigi was. 

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