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Using your XenPod

The Quest for the Best Lymphaciser

The original innovator of this machine Ian J Pettitt demonstrates his unique XenPod Lymphaciser design, which has been the premium model of the four different NZ Lymphacisers since the 1990’s.  

Correct Sacred Geometry, unique hand-crafted spring design and advanced bio-field electro-magnetics, are what make the XenPod the premium and most popular RH48.

“This is an Energy Machine…”

The innovator and engineer behind the XenPod explains why his design is so much more than a health-bounce lymphaciser. With the addition of Ian’s innovations the XenPod becomes a finely tuned body energising machine. 

All our loyal customers know that what Ian says about the XenPod is absolutely true!

XenPod Benefits

Gain a healthier body, mind and spirit and have more energy for life! Create free access to your own holistic health-care while at home or at work. Self-correct your own posture daily to increase flexibility, functionality and wellbeing.

Compliment all your sports, therapies and body building gym routines and work at your own pace

You can powerfully help yourself, to reverse body injury and pain

Enter deep relaxation and meditation when lying on the XenPod in the peaceful harmonic resonance

Stimulate a better immune defence by maintaining a healthier lymphatic system

Ideal for the busy person. Multi-task by using your XenPod when you’re doing other things

Do away with expensive, recurring treatments with this quality daily self care machine

Increase oxygen at cell level, by generating more A.T.P. with the healing health bounce

Less sleep is required for a days work when lymphacising regularly

Introduction to Lymphacising with Demo of Relaxation Breathing

See a demonstration of the relaxation and lymphatic breathing on a XenPod, followed by Ian Pettitt sharing his wisdom and deep knowledge of the cellular healing that a XenPod facilitates.

Using Your XenPod Correctly


These videos have been made for the Northern Hemisphere. In the Southern Hemisphere please align the XenPod to the South Pole. Always check your user manual for your XenPod’s correct geo-magnetic alignment and more!

Auto Pilot

This video is handy to play while doing your XenPod session, for a reminder of the sequence of actions


See an interview with Ian Pettitt, introducing the developement of the XenPod

Dr C Samuel West

Dr C. Samuel West is considered the Father of Lymphology and taught extensively in the USA for many decades. His discovery of the Sodium Potassium Pump that powers the human cells and which is the basis of the science of lymphology, earned his nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize shortly before his death in 2004. He taught about the causes of pain and disease and the possible cures: once the science of lymphology is understood. Dr West promoted the Seven Golden Secrets to a healthy lymph system, the first four being: bouncing, deep breathing, gentle stroking and pressure.

Ian J Pettitt studied Lymphology directly under Dr C. Samuel West and based his development and use of the XenPod on these foundational discoveries. To continue this tradition, Gigi also studied Lymphology under Dr Stephen Ezra West. 

Lymphology expert takes a good look at the new model XenPod!

Dr Stephen Ezra West is very familiar with the XenPod and the healing Health Bounce it’s designed to give. He’s been highly instrumental in developing the science of Lymphacising over the decades and he worked with XenPod’s Ian Pettitt in the 90’s.

‘Dr Ez’ expanded the work of his father Dr C. Samuel West, in the fields of Lymphology, Power Healing and Preventative Medicine. Degree courses in Lymphology are offered by Dr Stephen Ezra West, via Zero Disease LLC at Clarity University.

Online reviews put the NZ Lymphaciser number 1 for Health-Bouncing

Dr West agrees ✅

Many comparisons have been made between the different makes of rebounders and lymphacisers and they all seem to say the same thing. If you want a genuine Lymphaciser - for doing the correct health-bounce: the classic NZ made lymphacisers are the very best.  

Add the XenPod's refined and unique spring, with the amazing harmonic energising features built into it's design and you have the very top of the line lymphacising product. 

Dr of Lymphology and Preventative Medicine – Dr Stephen Ezra West

See the history of rebounding in the movie ‘Go Rebound’

Both Dr West and his son are featured in the movie ‘Go Rebound’ which is set here to begin with the historic footage of Dr C. Samuel West teaching Lymphology, followed by ‘Dr Ez’ talking about rebounding, health and the lymphatic system.

You'll see many different types of rebounders in this movie.

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