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The XenPod Lymphaciser & Harmonic Energiser®

For Your Optimal Health and Wellness

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XenPod is unique. It gives the best lymphacising health-bounce and harmonic energising effect of all the lymphaciser models.

The best Lymphatic health & immune support

Health-bouncing on a XenPod Lymphaciser charges up your immune system by activating the body’s inner cellular battery charger. This improves your entire wellbeing holistically. Lymphatic efficiency and cellular detoxification are accelerated and muscle tone and fitness are gently enhanced.

Dr West Reviews the Premium XenPod

Dr Stephen Ezra West of Clarity University, is a leading authority on utilising the Science of Lymphology and Lymphacising for optimal health and fitness. His father Dr C. Samuel West first taught the world about the benefits of Lymphacising over 40 years ago in the USA.  In this video Dr West starts to reveal Gigi's story with the XenPod...  

You can read Gigi's full story here.

Lymphatic Therapist recommends the XenPod lymphaciser

Brenda Oglesby from Santa Barbara Lymphatic Therapies California demonstrates the XenPod. She recommends the XenPod as the best lymphaciser available, with the added extra bonus of its refined Harmonic Energising.

So many benefits from one little Lymphaciser!

1. Reduce reliance on expensive recurring therapy and treatments

2. Stimulate and maintain a healthier immune system naturally

3. Ground your body’s electrical energy for better health & less stress

4. Exercise, energise and relax daily with no extra stressors on the body

5. Achieve powerful reversal of many body ailments by bouncing

6. Balance yourself every day with the unique XenPod program


New Zealand Made 


Years unconditional warranty 


Minutes a day to better health

Discover Useful Tips about XenPod

Only 20 Minutes A Day

When lymphacising your body will activate the five elimination systems from within, resulting in increased health and energy. Only 2x10 or 2x20 minutes a day will bring very good results. XenPod’s innovator Ian Pettitt guaranteed that every one using the XenPod would improve their posture and gain better health, which allows a balanced outlook on all they do, say and think in life.

Energy Savvy Customer Reviews the XenPod

“I've had my Xenpod for 3 weeks now. After about 10 days everything had bedded in and softened and the bounce feels 100% perfect for its intended job of lymphacising. Silky smooth and flowing andRead more

Breast Cancer & Lymphoedema

“Each year, around 170 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in the Northland District Health Board area and every year we lose around 25 women here to breast cancer”. ‘Northern News’Read more

Wellness with Sacred Geometry

People are waking up. Switched on folk are looking for holistic health care ‘exercise’ machines that can be used every day at home. They’re realising that going independent with health care isRead more

You Can’t Fool a Yogini

“The overall effect of the hour and a bit long session with the XenPod was to me, equivalent to the grounding, energy balancing, relaxing, mind settling, consciousness expanding effect of a whole dRead more

The Undeniable Difference!!

A real experience, better than 10,000 words… I just had a visitor in my studio. She immediately spotted the XenPod and wanted to try it. There happened to be one of the older models of the lymphacRead more

Rebounding v’s Health-Bouncing

Is the XenPod a Rebounder? This is NOT an ordinary old bouncy rebounder. XenPod health-bouncing is very different from rebounding or ordinary exercise. It is well known that strenuous muscularRead more

Show Me How Lymph Works

Watch this video to save pages of reading!! If you’re a visual person like me, you’ll want to see an easy clear picture of how the lymph system works and why it is so important. Check this oneRead more

Don’t Let Gravity Drag You Down

Health Bounce Every Day! The pioneers of lymphacising discovered that there is a very effective way to assist the lymphatic system to function optimally: by using a very specific type of bounce. ThisRead more

Any Old Spring Won’t Do Us!

Hi this is Gigi, I’ve just spent an afternoon with our spring manufacturers, learning even more about how unique the XenPod spring truly is! Not only do we check every spring personally beforeRead more

Is Your Body Battery Flat?

How often do you recharge your smart phone? Daily right? Ok and how often do you recharge your own body? Um… The truth is our human bodies also have an internal battery that is like a fire. ThisRead more

Why take the risk with a cheap rebounder?

Research and kinaesthetic testing has shown that if you use a cheap rebounder or lymphaciser, you are risking causing serious damage to your body, your joints and your subtle energy systems! DenieRead more

Aly Learmonth - New Zealand

"It is an AMAZING healing device. The energy that is generated by using it is magical, it is a blessing to be able to use one"

What Makes XenPod the Premium Quality RH48?

Kinesiology based testing has proven the RH48 XenPod® to be 15% more effective than the original old model. These high test readings for a healthy human bio-field were measured with kinesiology biofeedback techniques.

Why 15% more effective? 

Because there are significant design differences between the XenPod® and the other cheaper NZ Lymphaciser!

The Pettitt Cleat Design

The brilliant bull horn cleat design was set with lasers by Ian Pettitt himself, at the Auckland engineering plant many years ago. The cleat was only ever used on the XenPod model up until 2016, when it was taken for use on the three older lymphaciser models. 

This attempt to capture the XenPod's look and feel failed, because the cleat is only one component of the unique XenPod design.  There are several individual design keys working synergistically to produce the premium XenPod performance. 

Highest Quality Springs

The XenPod spring is UNIQUE. Each spring is carefully made with the finest precision to the exact XenPod spring specifications set by Ian Pettitt and the QC staff on the factory floor.  These high quality galvanised steel springs are totally silent and can take almost all weights. The combined loading strength is a minimum of 240 kilos! We check the accuracy of every single spring used in assembly. With proper maintenance these springs should last the life of your XenPod.

The XenPod Lymphaciser & Harmonic Energiser® is truly designed and assembled on the correct sacred geometry principles shown in The Yantra of XenPod© here. 

If it is important for you to have a lymphaciser that is also the best self-healing machine available: Go for the XenPod.

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