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Breast Cancer & Lymphoedema

As breast cancer awareness time approaches again, it’s worth learning more about what can be done to avoid this distressing disease.

“Each year, around 170 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in the Northland District Health Board area and every year we lose around 25 women here to breast cancer”. ‘Northern News’ October 14th 2020

This is far too many women in our tiny area of NZ and there’s another very important aspect to these numbers…

“Anyone who has had breast cancer surgery, or surgery combined with radiation therapy may be at risk of developing lymphoedema”. New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation

Any surgery is extremely dangerous to the fragile vessels of the lymphatic system and can result in the disease called lymphoedema, which is to be avoided at all costs. Lymphoedema can be very painful and limiting and is usually not reversible, once it becomes well established. If you have already had cancer surgery and are concerned about swelling that is developing, it is important to ask your doctor for a referral to a lymphatic specialist immediately. Don’t wait to see how it goes, because early signs of lymphoedema must have immediate treatment in order to lessen the long term complications.

Without a doubt, it’s wise for women to learn more about the relationship between lymphatic system problems and the development of breast cancer. Regular self-examination and breast checks are important, but there’s also a lot more women can do for themselves to keep their lymph system healthy and moving well, thus avoiding the development of more serious conditions like breast cancer.

Blockages in the normal lymphatic fluid flow, are created by an accumulation of toxic blood proteins that get trapped in lymph vessels in the soft tissues. This forms an acidic condition where the cells become low in oxygen and energy and these areas can be where illness and disease first takes root.

Initially this can feel like a soft little swelling somewhere on, or near the breast. If neglected though, these trapped toxic deposits can start to harden and form lumps, which become breeding grounds for cell dysfunction and infection and can lead to tumours forming.

When women get to know their own bodies better and learn how to look after the lymph health, it is easier to detect these small blockages and self-correct them. The earlier the better. Don’t just wait for the mammogram bus to come to town!

A woman should aim to notice and self-correct lymph blockages well before they become enough of a concern to take her off to the doctor for scans, biopsies and surgery. Good self-care is the answer to prevention. Learn more about simple things like lymphatic self-massage (especially of the breasts), healthy nutrition, gentle energy flow therapies, dry skin brushing, gentle exercise, deep breathing and the effective practice of health-bouncing on a lymphaciser.

All of these things will help to keep the lymphatic system in good health and prevent more serious problems developing in and around the soft tissues and lymph nodes. Another important factor is maintaining good sexual relationship health, as any unresolved issues here can block the fow of energy to the breasts. Do whatever you need to free yourself from the past and heal yourself and remember to always consult with your health care specialist early if you have any concerns.

Do a little lymphatic self-care every single day!

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