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A Very Energy Savvy Customer Reviews the XenPod

"It exceeded my expectations"

“I've had my Xenpod for 3 weeks now.

After about 10 days everything had bedded in and softened and the bounce feels 100% perfect for its intended job of lymphacising.

Silky smooth and flowing and a pleasure to use. It exceeded my expectations.

Because I was already very healthy and had an established Yoga and Qigong practice and have studied breathing for many years now, I thought that the results would be more subtle for me, but that was not the case. I suppose that it works along the same lines as acupuncture, in that you get more out of it if you are more energetically open.

I also have a top of the line Bellicon bungee rebounder and while it was good for moving lymph it pales in comparison to the Xenpod. It relied on using very soft bungees and timing a pump with your calves just right, and did not give the bioelectric energy benefits.

The Xenpod works synergistically to enhance any energy practice such as Yoga or Qigong. I read an article by a Qigong teacher and he said the very best way to improve your practice was to simply have more energy to work with. He told of a retreat he had run in an area of Costa Rica known as being a "blue zone” where there are many healthy, active centenarians. They did their practice under an open thatched roof building high in the mountains overlooking the lush tropical jungle with a view down to the ocean and they were surrounded by the sights and sounds of many large waterfalls. Those students who normally struggled to feel their Qi could feel good amounts and those who normally could feel a moderate amount of Qi could feel it strongly. This was because the area they were living in was giving them extra energy. Using the Xenpod before your energy practice has the same effect.

On the other end of the scale there are many who are physically unable to do a yoga or similar practice because of illness or physical problems. There are lots of reviews on the Xenpod website from people who have been helped. On one video Ian told a touching story of an elderly man with Alzheimers who was on many pills and had given up on life. After a week of simply lying on the Xenpod for a half hour morning and night he regained his will to live and was able to give up most of his pills.

It's a marvellous piece of equipment if it can give a person their spirit back.

Very powerful things can happen for someone like that when they make the decision to take active responsibility for their own health instead of passively relying on the medical system to do something magic for them.

Chinese doctor, Dr Zhuang Yuan Ming was originally commissioned by the kung fu board to develop a warm up and injury protection system, but what he came up with was so good the Chinese government got him to expand it for general health and gave him access to large hospitals and many staff to test his systems effectiveness over a long period of time. Some groups only did his Liangong system, some did a little Liangong combined with treatment by expert acupuncturists and TCM doctors and some only had treatments. He found that those who had taken full responsibility for their own health by applying themselves to fully learning the Liangong system, had tapped into something very powerful that woke up their bodies natural healing ability and had the best long term results. Using a Xenpod has the same effect.

It could be a wonderful thing for someone with a parent or relative who was movement challenged to get them to sit on a Xenpod with support while an able bodied person did the bouncing. The Xenpod would be a wonderful thing to have in nursing homes as many people in wheel chairs or bed ridden may have gone years without virtually any lymph movement or electric contact with the earth.
Nursing home management don't seem to get this (although many of their workers do). Ten years ago before I had heard of Xenpod I had bought my mum a Bellicon with the soft bands and wanted to donate it when she went to a nursing home. Management must have thought I wanted elderly bedridden patients to do Olympic trampoline routines!

In the times we are in now, having a strong immune system is vital.

The only true protection against something like covid is to be extremely healthy at a cellular level, although you never hear that on the news. Your lymphatic system is vital for this and so is being highly oxygenated at a cellular level, as viruses don't survive well in alkaline highly oxygenated environments. Doing the lymphatic bounce combined with the Step-Breathing (and rest of the 9 step program) is probably the most powerful way there is of achieving this. Especially if combined with high quality water and diet.

You can get what you want of the Xenpod. You can get good lymphatic benefits bouncing while watching TV, or you can get the magnified benefits of doing it in a flow state. One of the best ways to enter a flow state is something like doing smooth rhythmic breathing combined with smooth rhythmic bouncing and it's all there automatically in the 9 step program on the Xenpod. Olympic athletes can use it after demanding workouts to flush away waste products, or bedridden people can get tremendous benefit simply lying on it.

For me personally I've done a lot of work on my breathing and although I can hold my breath after an exhale for a fairly long time, I've worked mostly on smoothness and recovery. It was like I've done most of the work but was missing a few pieces to the puzzle and the step-breathing while bouncing seemed to fill that in for me.

Most people in the Western world have very sub-optimal or damaged breathing patterns. I believe a lot is from modern birthing practice of cutting the umbilical cord early and drawing your first ever breath in your life in a state of shock and panic. Because it's working on the body repairing electrically, the Xenpod has the potential to heal a lot of this.

Thanks (goes to Ian Pettitt) for the 30 years of development you put into this. It really is a piece of equipment without limits, that can help everyone”.

Energy Savvy XenPod Owner - Chris Shute Western Australia


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