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What Makes XenPod the Premium Model?

There are significant differences between the design and components of the premium RH48 XenPod® and the original old RH48 of the 1980’s, but we're often asked “what’s the difference?” Here is what we know to be fact.

Original NZ Lymphaciser model (we don’t sell this)

This model still uses the original old lymphaciser spring, which gives a harder and less accurate health-bounce and measures 15% lower in its harmonic field effect on the body. The heavier gym springs are also used on this RH48, which give a seriously hard bounce. 

RING:  Both RH48 models use a zinc electro plated, 1.5mm square-steel walled tube ring design of high quality.

MAT:  There are no advanced electro-static or geomagnetic alignment principles incorporated into the original old Permatron mat design, assembly or use.

DESIGN:  The components and configuration delivers a much firmer health-bounce all round, which can create more impact stress on joints and soft tissues in the body. This model measures 15% less energising effect than the XenPod® during health-bouncing, meditating and resting. This is a substantial loss in performance ie: Only 85% v’s XenPod’s 100%

Since 2018 this seller uses Ian Pettitt’s cleat design innovation. This cleat was developed for the RH48 XenPod configuration only and the effects of adding this alteration to the old design and its components in isolation, noticeably exacerbated the harder bounce under testing in 2018.

SOFT MATERIALS:  The cover, webbing and thread is said to be similar marine grade. There are no leather leg facings. Both models carry the rainbow ring braid that delineates all the quality NZ made lymphacisers.

LEGS:  Comes with six long screw on legs, which stands it high off the floor. No other length option is available. The longer leg length can be less safe for some people when moving on and off the mat and they stand the unit higher, which takes up more storage space.


OPTIONAL EXTRAS:  A balance bar is available as an optional extra. It is more expensive than the XenPod model bar.

BACK UP:  There is a basic 2 year warranty. Level of after sales customer support is not specified, or offered.

PRICING:  This older model is advertised at a price point more in line with the manufacturing costs of 10 years ago. How one can make and sell units below the cost price of manufacturing these machines in NZ in 2024 - is a bit of a mystery.

The Premium XenPod model is unique to our store

The very best spring is essential to protect your body and health and to generate the correct energising vortex field. The XenPod® spring is a totally unique design, precisely calibrated by Ian Pettitt and master spring makers to deliver the correct health-bounce speed, while giving the least jarring bounce of all lymphaciser models. This licensed spring design has a combined loading strength of 240 kilos. This equates to many years of R&D in design and no other lymphaciser model uses this spring.

RING:  Both RH48 models use the original, generic, zinc electro plated, 1.5mm square steel walled tube ring design. The XenPod ring is ultra strong and expertly welded into a perfect a circle, which guarantees true and lasting harmonics.

MAT:  Only the XenPod® mat design incorporates Ian Pettitt’s advanced electro-static principles which produce greater energising effects for the user and are designed to work in harmony with the earths geo-magnetic field. XenPod® uses the highest grade Permatron trampoline mat, originally developed by NASA for it’s astronauts. It is a strong and durable, 100% UV stable mat designed to give the body the correct G forces while bouncing.

DESIGN:  The unique combination of XenPod® design and XenPod® components, create a gentle and non jarring health-bounce that is completely stress free, comfortable and safe for your body. The XenPod® measures 15% extra energising and harmonising effects than the original model (while health-bouncing, meditating and resting) due to the refined RH48 XenPod® harmonic design configuration. This is a noticeable amount more ie: 100% v’s only 85%

The XenPod® correctly uses Ian Pettitt’s spring cleat design innovation, which was originally developed and used exclusively for the XenPod design configuration.

SOFT MATERIALS:  The high quality and long lasting cover is ultra tough, marine grade, quilt lined Kodra fabric. All webbing and thread is marine grade, crafted by master sewers with 35 years marine industry experience. We are regularly talking to customers who are still bouncing on their same XenPod, bought 20-30 years ago! Unique leather leg facings give the XenPod® an extra high quality finish. All models carry the rainbow ring braid that delineates the quality NZ made lymphacisers.

LEGS:  Six short screw on legs position the XenPod® at a safe and easy to use height, designed specifically for health-bouncing and longer legs are also available and interchangeable. Tough plastic feet slide for easy magnetic field positioning with the compass provided.

INCLUSIONS:  The XenPod® comes with a user e-manual, including many health tips and the holistic Energising While Lymphacising© self-balancing program and wall chart. The XenPod comes with a compass and instructions for correct electro-magnetic alignment and use in both hemispheres.

OPTIONAL EXTRAS:  A XenPod balance bar is available as an optional extra. Covers come in three different colours. Self-healing support and sessions are available.

BACK UP:  XenPod® comes with a 2 year unconditional return to base warranty on all parts.
Our customers say that XenPod's unlimited after sales email and phone Q&A support is exceptional.

PRICING: The premium XenPod model is proven to give a superior result and as some of our expert customers have said: this puts the XenPod into the realms of a true self-healing device. The price matches the real value of this fact. Our price point also very accurately reflects the realistic cost of high quality manufacturing in NZ in 2024. 

We believe the above facts to be true and correct to the best of our knowledge. We do not discuss confidential design specifications with anyone. 


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