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Wellness with Sacred Geometry

People are waking up.
Switched on folk are looking for holistic health care ‘exercise’ machines that can be used every day at home. They’re realising that going independent with health care is a very sensible investment to make these days.

It’s true, there are some really good health aids out there and many of the best are based on the popular holistic principles of sacred geometry. What exactly does that mean though and why is it better for health and wellness?

Let’s think about it for a minute. These days new science and quantum physics are right onto it. They’re now telling us what mystics have long known about the universe – that there is one unified geometric model for the whole universe. It’s amazing to see this sacred geometry behind all creation come to life with the maths of computer generated graphics. Just Google the Mandelbrot Set to see some stunning fractal geometry graphics.

To grasp the mathematical principles of sacred geometry a little: consider the Phi ratio (1.618) that sets the exponential growth ratio of absolutely everything – from a tiny shell, to the harmonic proportions of our human body. Nature grows in a predictable pattern known as the Fibonacci Sequence (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21…) and when Phi sequences naturally in nature, we find the perfect form of the Golden Mean Spiral.

Think Koru fronds and Nautilus shells…
Hidden within this sacred geometry lie the five primary elements that are the fundamental building blocks of all matter. Synonymous with the platonic solids, each building block houses an element and has a specific shape. In the model of the Palladium nucleus, the central and most stable form is the cube shape of Oxygen (with 8 protons/angles) making up 62.55% of all matter. Surrounding the cube is the octahedron of Silicon (14) being 22.5% of all matter. Outside Silicon is the icosahedron of magnetic Iron (26) which forms 1.2% of all matter. Finally the outer shell is the dodecahedron shape of Palladium (46).

Don’t just think 2D geometry lessons here though, because in reality the same energised geometry forms the whole multidimensional universe of spiralling celestial bodies, within a multitude of spiral galaxies. All we can ever know reflects the perfect harmonic resonance: of these platonic solids, nesting and infinitely expanding via magnetically charged sacred geometry.

Simply put, vibrational resonance holds everything in place and everything spins via iron polarising an electrical charge. This explains why sacred geometry + electro-magnetic spin = free energy and why the human body is potentially a power house of this energy, given the right environment.

For aeons humans have used spiritual practices to stay tuned and plugged into the perfection of this universal electric energy, but with the promotion of modern technological living, this fundamental ingredient of human existence is fast being deemed redundant: albeit to the severe detriment of our wellbeing.

As above, so below…
Realise that our own DNA, our human cells and our whole bodies inherit the very same foundational structures. Even our thoughts are geometric patterns. Science has now discovered that there is an octahedral shape to brain neurone activity that can be called the “geometry of thought”.

Even in our life blood the elements of oxygen and iron form charged geometric structures that require the right environment to function optimally. Many people are also becoming aware these days that unnatural dissonances and harmful frequencies can disrupt this delicate human equilibrium and cause disease. This awareness is the basis of current issues, like concerns about 5G technology.

In a nutshell, the higher the friendly electro-magnetic charge within healthy body cells, the more available energy you’ll have and the more efficiently your cells can assimilate nutrients, discharge toxins and intercommunicate at an optimal level.

The whole human being is an electric organism, powered by an electrically charged spin of interactions between the organic geometry of biochemistry. Augment this dynamic with a highly charged electro-magnetic and bio-compatible energy field generating machine and all biological functions, including the immune system are maximised.

This isn’t just about exercising.
For the savvy, this awareness marks the return of spiritually holistic health. Let’s look more closely at the health applications of the above knowing. When one places the human body passively, within a highly charged field resonating with the harmonics of sacred geometry: an unseen healing symphony permeates every cell. This principle is at work with passive light and sound resonance therapy of many sorts, including music. Harmonic resonance moves matter and nature restructures itself to reflect the perfection of this resonance. This is sacred geometry in action, supporting your greater health and wellbeing.

It becomes more and more obvious. Sacred geometry is the precisely structured resonance behind optimal biological health. It could even be termed the Holy Grail that facilitates greater energy on all levels.

Now heaven forbid but to digress a minute, imagine putting yourself on a badly made exercise machine, one that’s built using cheap components, with no regard for fundamentally well designed form, resonance or electro-magnetic alignments. Jump on any cheap rebounder to get what I mean. Then muscle test yourself for the effects – before and after bouncing.

Sacred Geometry makes a big difference.
It’s like listening to a magnificent rendition of Mozart’s symphony where there will be a feeling of great peace and harmony, versus the same symphony played badly on an out of tune piano, by a young student. Would you hear the same harmony? No. Similarly if a nautilus shell is painted roughly with no regard for symmetry or innate perfection, would the image appear as pleasing? I think not. When you walk into a magnificent cathedral built on the principles of sacred geometry, you can’t help but feel a tangibly uplifting feeling. Would your body get the same feeling when walking into a pokey home unit? Probably not.

The natural harmony of the universe is the most powerful healing force we have to utilise for maintaining our health and wellbeing. Things make more sense from this perspective and these days we desperately need to protect, rebalance and recharge our bodies: by any means that truly work.

So what machine works?
Without a doubt, Sacred geometry is the foundation of optimal health and wellness machines like the XenPod, which is built with knowledge of sound geometry, magnetism and electrical conductivity. When you place your body correctly into it’s aligned electro-magnetic field, you are bathing your cells in a resonance of perfection and they naturally want to respond to this order. When you add the dynamics of self-generating a highly bio-available energy, by health-bouncing within this harmonic field, you possess a very potent holistic health care machine indeed: one that you can use every day in your own home.

Forget big Pharma and maybe even the gym. Combine good organic nutrition and a balanced life style with high quality, holistic, self-healing exercise machines and it becomes very possible to empower your health naturally.

Feature Photo by Bogomil Mihaylov

© Gigi Gilchrist May 2020
Gigi lives into her lifelong love and deep understanding of sacred geometry and has embedded this knowledge into manufacturing the legendary NZ made XenPod. For over 35 years she has been a wellness consultant and teacher of spiritual healing. Gigi is passionate about helping people improve their health, awareness and quality of life and she considers the XenPod Lymphaciser & Harmonic Energiser to be a powerful ally in this work. Gigi can be contacted via

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