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Is Your Body Battery Flat?

How often do you recharge your smart phone?
Daily right? Ok and how often do you recharge your own body? Um…

The truth is our human bodies also have an internal battery that is like a fire. This internal fire needs stoking regularly to keep it glowing and burning well. It’s like your own cellular phone battery.

What exactly is this internal cellular fire though? Simply put, it’s the essential bio-electrical energy you need to stay healthy. This energy is generated by the biochemical action of the Sodium and Potassium exchanging through your cell walls; which constantly happens within each cell of the body to keep us healthy.

It is well known that the lymph system works hard for us to remove trapped fluids containing infection, plasma proteins and toxic wastes. What is less well known is that it is actually the electrical power of each cell, which causes these wastes to be excreted out of the cell into lymph fluid surrounding our cells, where it is transported for removal from the body.

Charge up your battery to keep the immune system strong!
Providing the best support for this cellular detoxing is essential for good health and we need to create the right environment for this to happen. What’s the one thing that supports the lymph system better than anything? Lymphacising. This is what we call the action that happens when Health-Bouncing on a good lymphaciser.

Energising on a harmonically refined lymphaciser, amplifies this healthy electric fire within the cells to charge your battery at a much greater rate than an ordinary lymphaciser or rebounder. The XenPod Lymphaciser is such a machine and has many unique refinements that amplify and clarify the generation of electrical energy in the body. Features like the unique calibration of the spring design; the electrical field management between the ring and the mat; and the sacred geometry of the whole unit – have been researched to a very high level and contain refinements that are totally unique.

Health-Bouncing on a naturally bio-friendly electro-magnetic field, causes the body to become it’s own highly charged energy generator. In the earlier years of lymphaciser development, testing showed that the human body would actually strongly light up an LED globe while health bouncing. When this cellular fire purification is increased with harmonic resonance, the effectiveness of the good old Health-Bounce is hugely compounded.

Protect yourself form electro pollution – Plug in and recharge!
In this hi-tech modern world we need to be vigilant about keeping all our devices well charged and powered, but so often we forget that the electrical nature of our bodies also needs charging! In order to survive the massive unhealthy electro-pollution in our modern lives, providing healthy spaces at work and in the home where we can “plug our bodies in”, is also essential for wellbeing these days. It is easy to rest and recharge on the strong bio-friendly electromagnetic field of a XenPod and this will happen automatically, even when just lying down on it.

In my experience of working with clients with this natural technology, I am yet to come across any person, no matter what age or level of sensitivity, who does not experience the positive effects of this biochemical science in some way within their physical, emotional or mental bodies.

Many health benefits are continually noted, including pain relief, improvement of degenerative conditions, increased energy, mental clarity and deeper relaxation and meditation states. If you are interested to know more about how harmonic lymphacising can help you and your clients, please feel free to contact me directly via our website or text to +64211502799 and I will call you.

© Gigi Gilchrist October 2017


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