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The Undeniable Difference!!

A real experience, better than 10,000 words…
I just had a visitor in my studio.

She immediately spotted the XenPod and wanted to try it. There happened to be one of the older models of the lymphaciser in the same room, so out of interest I asked her to first step onto the old one and try it.

Here is the dialouge that followed, to the best of my memory:

“Hmm, this feels ok yes.

How high do I jump?

Oh just low like this, ok…

Yeah it feels quite nice…”

After not very long she was ready to step off and onto the RH48 XenPod to try the difference….

“Oh wow, oh my God this feels so different,

It’s amazing (her whole body was noticibly softening and relaxing)

I’m tingling all over (brushing her arms)

It’s so relaxing and… and the energy, I can feel the energy so strongly, it feels like …. (moves her arms up and around her body)

It’s just NOTHING like the other one…

And I’m still tingling…

Oh it feels so much better than the other one…

Wow that’s amazing!

XenPod Lymphaciser & Harmonic Energiser®

Just try it for yourself.

© Gigi Gilchrist June 2019
Feature picture courtesy of The Pilates Suite – Gold Coast Australia


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