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Don’t Let Gravity Drag You Down

Health Bounce Every Day!
The pioneers of lymphacising discovered that there is a very effective way to assist the lymphatic system to function optimally: by using a very specific type of bounce. This is why Ian Pettitt has precisely calibrated the XenPod to give what we call the perfect health bounce.

This exact calibration creates the correct G-forces needed, to efficiently shunt lymph fluid upwards through the one way valves in the lymph system at an increased rate. This accelerated movement of lymph will then find it’s way to the lymphatic drainage ducts in the torso and out of the body via the five elimination systems – skin, lungs, kidneys, liver and bowel.

The health bounce uses the gravitational G force of acceleration and deceleration to create heat and pressure that change the structure and chemical make-up of weak and lazy cells. This activates the sodium potassium pumps which are responsible for balancing the electrical reactions of individual cells.

With regular lymphacising every person young or old, can reach the optimum cellular ‘dry state’ where all the wastes have been removed. As little as 20 minutes per day while watching the news on television, or listening to your favorite music is all that is required.

© Gigi Gilchrist February 2019


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