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Why take the risk with a cheap rebounder?

Cheap is just Not Safe!

Research and kinaesthetic testing has shown that if you use a cheap rebounder or lymphaciser, you are risking causing serious damage to your body, your joints and your subtle energy systems!

Denie Hiestand is a qualified kiwi Lymphologist who contributed to the research and development of the original NZ rebounders decades ago. These are the forerunners of the superior RH48 XenPod Lymphaciser & Harmonic Energiser design, which is still available today at

The original NZ Lymphacisers were produced by Pacific Health in Auckland for many years, but they went out of production in 2015. The original R&D team based their work on the principles made popular by the legendary Dr C. Samuel West. (Denie called the machine that he patented, an ‘Electrically Tuned’ Lymphaciser.)

This is some of what Denie discovered:

“Rebounders gained popularity as a result of the lymphologist, Dr. West’s research.

Approximately 30 years ago Dr. West’s research showed that up and down movement without jarring the body, was the mechanism that triggered every cell in the body into life-producing mode. The very act of walking not only pumps the lymphatic drainage system but stimulates the cells into healthy cellular function. That is why movement is so healthy for us. It actually gives us life. All movement pumps the lymphatic drainage system – the body’s main cleaning mechanism. But many activities such as jogging can create as much cell breakdown, as what the lymphatic system is cleaning, rendering the exercise relatively ineffective.

Dr. West’s research suggested that if you jogged or even just went up and down on a spring supported mat, you would get extremely efficient lymphatic cleaning, without the shock. As a result of his published research in the 1970’s rebounding had an explosion throughout the world as the ultimate exercise/movement trend. Manufacturers around the world, particularly in Asia, produced rebounders by the millions but very soon the fad faded. People used their rebounders for a week or two, didn’t feel very good, and stopped using them.

Denie Hiestand, a qualified lymphologist, on reviewing Dr. West’s research in the 1980’s realized Dr. West was correct and came to the conclusion there had to be a reason why rebounding didn’t give the “feel good” feeling that the research intimated. Mr Hiestand brought his engineering background into play and realized that when you have a nylon matt suspended by multiple springs, the tensioning and releasing of those springs with a person bouncing on the rebounder, was actually, in engineering terms, stressing and de-stressing the molecules in the springs.

As he had worked in developing truck weigh bridge technology, he knew that when you stress steel, the electrons get excited which has the measured effect of increasing the speed of the electrons around the nucleus of the steel molecule. As the person comes off the bounce, de-stressing takes place and the speed of electrons decreases. This is how you measure the weight of a truck on a weigh bridge by the stress factor, and the speed of the molecules is directly indexed to the weight of the truck.

This speeding up and slowing down of the vibration is actually an increase and decrease in the field of energy being generated. So by repeatedly stretching springs you are in fact generating a subtle field of electromagnetic energy. As the springs on a rebounder are connected to an outer circle of metal it creates a vortex of energy that can directly affect the body’s electro magnetic field. As a result of this understanding a New Zealand rebounder manufacturer, under the prompting of the New Zealand Lymphatic Conference, undertook studies, with the help of Auckland University, to determine the strength and the frequency of this generated field of energy.

It was ascertained that bouncing gently on a rebounder, with approximately 30 or more springs, generated an electro magnetic energy field a thousand times stronger than the body’s own field. When you jogged on a rebounder or did vigorous exercise on one, it was possible to generate a field up to 5,000 times stronger than the human body’s energy field. As one can understand the energy field generated by the rebounder and vortexed around the body could very easily overpower or create a static distortion in the human bio-field.

Once this was established the New Zealand manufacturer in cooperation with a group of New Zealand Kinesiologists set out to do double-blind testing on the functions of the human muscle responses due to this field being generated by the rebounder. As a result of this study, every rebounder available for testing at the time, resulted in a crashing of every muscle test within three minutes of being on that rebounder. Why people didn’t use their rebounders was because the rebounders were crashing their bio energy field and therefor they were not feeling good. Even though the up and down movement was giving them lymphatic drainage, it was the devastating distortion of the body’s aura from the energy field generated by the rebounder that was the problem.

Denie Hiestand, a qualified metallurgist, started to look at the shape of the springs and the different alloys of spring steel that he knew would change the frequency produced by the springs when stressed. After 3 years of testing, many tens of thousands of dollars, hundreds of rebounders and different springs later, the kinesiologists started to get strong muscle testing. By choosing the correct alloy for the springs, the shape of the springs and the angle that the springs were attached to the rebounder, then connecting the springs to each other and to an outer band to create a continuous circuit, thus constructing the rebounder in such a way that there was no static being generated, they were able to refine the process of generating an electro magnetic field as a result of bouncing on a rebounder, that actually increased the strength of the body’s bio energy field. Finally they had a rebounder that not only gave very effective lymphatic drainage but also generated a profoundly life-giving electro magnetic field when used.

Due to the quality control and testing procedures that each rebounder goes through and as they are not mass manufactured – every one is hand assembled and tested, the cost may be slightly more than some on the market but then why would you purchase a rebounder that decreases your life force and has the potential to damage every organ in your body, instead of one that has been scientifically shown to increase the life and health of every cell in the body.

Denie Hiestand, through his consulting work, personally recommends this rebounder to be the most powerful life-giving movement one can avail oneself of and has recommended them worldwide for in excess of 20 years.”


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